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Website maintenance is the key to the ongoing success of your website.

At A Cheap Web Guy we pride ourselves on providing big business solutions to small businesses. We have years of experience in standards compliant HTML, PERL CGI, ASP, JAVA and PHP scripts; a wide variety of database engines; standard image manipulation, and PDF conversion. We cater to your requirements of revising some or all of your website pages, as well as adding new pages as per your business requirements.

Maintenance plan for websites

  • Version upgrade
  • Module installation and support
  • Update Text Content
  • Bug Fixing & Security Audit
  • Website Monthly Backup
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Code Restructuring and Feature enhancements
  • Performance Optimization
  • Add, Edit and Delete Pages, Images, Links

Maintenance plan for eCommerce websites

  • Catalog Management
  • Add, Edit and Delete Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Contact Page Updates
  • Payment Integration
  • Hourly Charge: If your website needs update very rarely.
  • Maintenance Contract: If your website needs constant changes.
  • Hire a Developer: You can have a dedicated developer to maintain your website.
  • CMS: Development of a content management system which would enable even non-technical users to update content to your website.

Our website maintenance services include updating text, photographs, videos, other graphics content, and redesigning web pages.
it is vital not to put alt attributes with keywords like some search engine optimizers.
Text Description on Complex Graphics: If images or graphics aren’t easily interpretable adding a text description or caption helps communicate your graphic’s message in plain text.
Video Content: Help all site visitors experience video.
Website maintenance services are essential because building a web site is just the beginning.
Everything needs maintenance ans so will your website.
Why Website maintenance is important?
A site that is frequently updated is believed to be credible.
Any new products added to your array can be displayed.
Information Accuracy places Customers Trust in You.
Traffic Analysis and other data help improving your online business.

Why Us? Affordable Website Maintenance, no hidden charges, latest technologies and knowledge, change accuracy, motive to keep the Website Up to Date.
Website Revamp We strive to make it easy to do format and content updates to your site. We free you, the business owner to do what you do best and leave the website maintenance to us. If you are cinsidering updating your website, let us do it for you now. Call us for a free quote!

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